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This 2-year fellowship program, established in 1995, provides training and exposure to the various aspects of health economics and outcomes research in both the academic and industrial settings. The program is structured to assist the fellow in identifying future career opportunities enabled by this training while learning and working in a challenging post-graduate environment.

The goal of the Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC, Health Economics & Outcomes Research Fellowship is to prepare the individual for a career in health economics and outcomes research within the healthcare industry, the consulting field, or academia.


  • To educate the fellow on economic and health-related quality of life principles and applications, and demonstrate their use in evaluating costs and outcomes relative to healthcare interventions
  • To train the fellow in research design and methodologies to evaluate the economic, clinical and humanistic outcomes of healthcare interventions
  • To provide practical experiences in health economics and outcomes research, which will prepare the fellow to apply these skills in various settings, such as managed care, pharmaceutical industry, and academia


The desire to control rising healthcare costs while assuring quality care has created a demand for individuals with strong clinical and economic backgrounds who can incorporate evidence-based strategies into various healthcare settings. This fellowship enhances clinical education with academic and practical experiences focused on the evaluation of economic and humanistic outcomes.

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Year One

During the first year, the fellow will enroll in at least four courses at either Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or nearby universities. The objective of the first year will be to educate the fellow on health economics and outcomes research methods through project experience and didactic study. Since the background of incoming fellows will vary, formal course requirements and planned activities will be tailored to the needs of the individual fellow. Courses offered encompass the following topics:

  • Biostatistics
  • Epidemiology
  • Applied Health Economics
  • Health Policy
  • Patient-Reported Outcomes
  • Research Methods


The fellow will be involved in the current research activities with faculty at the first year site. Regular conferences will be held with members in the Jefferson College of Population Health at TJU to discuss research projects and gain academic experience. The fellow will visit Janssen Scientific Affairs for meetings and seminars several times during the first fellowship year. The fellow will have an opportunity to present ongoing research reports, attend scientific conferences, and gain experience recruiting and interviewing candidates for future fellowship positions.

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Year Two

During the second year of training, the fellow will be located at Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC, in Titusville, New Jersey and work directly with the Health Economics & Outcomes Research group. The fellow's assigned projects and responsibilities will be tailored to the fellow’s individual educational goals. The fellow will interact with clinical, marketing, regulatory affairs, and other departments at the company to learn how health economics and outcomes research is incorporated in efforts to demonstrate the value of a therapeutic intervention (i.e., product or service). The fellow will also learn how a pharmaceutical manufacturer uses clinical, economic, and humanistic data to support the research, development, adoption and utilization of its products.

To maintain effective communications and enhance the fellowship experience, the second-year fellow will act as a mentor to the first-year fellow at the university site.

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Thomas Jefferson University

Thomas Jefferson University is dedicated to health sciences education and research and is composed of six colleges:

  • Sidney Kimmel Medical College
  • Jefferson College of Biomedical Sciences
  • Jefferson College of Health Professions
  • Jefferson College of Nursing
  • Jefferson College of Pharmacy
  • Jefferson College of Population Health


The Jefferson College of Population Health (JCPH) is an integral part of TJU. JCPH provides exemplary graduate academic programming, continuing education courses and conferences, and sustained research and consulting in areas of health economics, health policy, population health, and healthcare quality and safety. JCPH's involvement in health policy and outcomes includes outcomes management, pharmacoeconomic research, clinical evaluation sciences, and health services research. Researchers associated with the school promote education and training through multiple industry fellowships and are considered experts and leaders within the healthcare professional community.

Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC.

Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC, is a member of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies. Johnson & Johnson is the world's largest manufacturer of healthcare products, serving the consumer, pharmaceutical, and professional markets.

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The fellowship provides a competitive stipend and benefits package through Thomas Jefferson University.

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How to Apply

Selection of the fellow will be on a competitive basis from a national pool of candidates with scientific and/or clinical training in health care and a demonstrated interest in health economics and outcomes research. Candidates are expected to have the ability to master scientific methodologies and to communicate technical information effectively.

The fellowship will begin in June 2016. Interested individuals should submit a transcript, curriculum vitae, letter describing their career objectives, professional writing sample, and three letters of recommendation to the following address by December 31, 2015:

Vittorio Maio, PharmD, MS, MSPH
Outcomes Research Fellowship Director
College of Population Health
Thomas Jefferson University
901 Walnut Street, 10th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Application materials may also be emailed to:

To learn more about the academic site affiliated with the fellowship, please contact the following individuals:

Current 2nd Year Fellow:
Matthew Alcusky PharmD, MS

Current 1st Year Fellow:
Jacquelyn McRae, PharmD

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